#balancethehype #otr #thisisotr  (at Over-The-Rhine, Ohio)
Good Morning #hoodshine #thisisotr #otr  (at Washington Park)
#whereisthebridge #hasanybodyseenthebridge (at Roebling Suspension Bridge)
Tryin to break the Jeter Jinx. (at Great American Ball Park)
20th Jul 201420:46
New Nati Views (at New Sycamore Creative Block)
20th Jul 201418:36
KY Gold down the River (at Central Bridge)
20th Jul 201414:30
Molly Posing (at Tim Engle Design)
19th Jul 201416:25
Stack View  (at The Purple People Bridge)
19th Jul 201415:39
Real Nati Views #progressnotperfection (at Pendleton Art Center Cincinnati)
Gettin my Hippy On. #treehuggin #earthycrunchin (at Findlay Market)
Coffee + Honey + Cayenne = The Holiday Inn (dedicated to Brian) (at Coffee Emporium)
18th Jul 201417:18
Cool Hidden Bldg.
17th Jul 201418:52
Lovely!!! #peachcobblersoon (at Madison’s at Findlay Market)
Purdy Day to be Peddling #A2B (at Sawyer Point)
Main St. is back.  (at Second Sunday on Main)
13th Jul 201412:14