Serious Sweets. #RTR  (at Holtman’s Donut Shop Otr)
Game Supplies. #RTR  (at Findlay Market)
It’s Time to Roll! #RTR #RollTide (at Tim Engle Design)
Final Friday & Popsicles   (at Pendleton Art Center Cincinnati)
29th Aug 201420:29
Peach Pie!!! Breakfast? Uh huh!!! #thankstofriendsthatcook
NO Time Warner Cable it’s NOT OK that I can’t get the SEC Network!!! #twc #cincinnati #SEC #SECNetwork #RTR #getyourshittogether (at Cincinnati, Ohio)
Who Series 003 #bengals (at Paul Brown Stadium)
Enter the Serpent.  (at Serpentine Wall)
26th Aug 201418:55
River Break.  (at Cincinnati Ohio on the Riverfront)
24th Aug 201410:27
See OTR #thisisotr  (at Wooden Nickel Antiques)
Sun Pattern (at Smale Riverfront Park)
22nd Aug 201417:35
Happy Friday from the Studio. Let’s get lost and find something of purpose. #letsgetlost #thisisotr  (at Tim Engle Design)
City is a Jungle and I’m a Beast. #googoomuk (at Over-The-Rhine, Ohio)
Burnt Carrot + Couch (at 21c Museum Hotel)
19th Aug 201412:36
Don’t be a sheep.  (at Tim Engle Design)
19th Aug 201408:32